According to Brian A. Blaum, Contracts Examples & Explanations, “a contract may be defined as an exchange relationship created by oral or written agreement between two or more persons, containing at least one promise, and recognized in law as enforceable.” A contract is necessary to purchase a Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppy because we need to promise each other that, regardless of owner, each puppy will receive the love and care that he/she deserves. Having a written agreement protects both of us from any misunderstanding related to payment, puppy care expectations, breeding rights, and other related matters. The welfare of the puppy is too important to skip this critical step.

Waiting list deposits are non refundable as of January 1, 2019 or if you’ve been on the list for more than a year. You are able to give your spot up to a family member or friend.

Links to mandatory documents:

Step 1. Waiting List Contract

8_7_18 Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies Waiting List Contract Hard Copy

Step 2. Deposit Contract (SECURITY DEPOSIT PREVIOUSLY $200.  AS OF 1/1/19 $250)

8_7_18 Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies Deposit Contract Hard Copy

Step 3. Sale Contract

8_7_18 Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies Sale Contract Hard Copy