Interested in a puppy?


**Disclaimer- Puppies are sold at a base price of $950 and depending on their color ranges up to $1500.  I have a lengthy waiting list and depending on the color you want it could be UP TO a 2 year wait. I’m a small in home breeder so if you are looking for a puppy right away then I’m sorry I would not be the breeder for you. 

Step 1. Contact me for a spot on the waiting list by completing the Waiting List Contract on the Contracts page. The completed document can be mailed or emailed using the contact information on the contract. A $50 NON refundable fee is required to be added to the waiting list. This fee can be used towards the purchase of a puppy. Position on the waiting list is determined by the date payment is confirmed.

Step 2. When a litter is born, depending on waiting list position and preferences, you will be contacted regarding puppy availability. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy of choice and must be verified prior to receiving seller’s signature on the contract. Security deposit amounts range depending on the full cost of the puppy. I require 50% for the security deposit.

Step 3. When your chosen puppy is atleast 8 weeks old, you have five days to pay the remaining balance and pick up your puppy. Payment must be verified along with completing the Sale Contract on the Contracts page. Document will be finalized when you take possession of your puppy.