Pricing, Terms, & Conditions

Puppies, by default, are not sold with American Kennel Club (AKC) registration. If requested, limited registration may be available at an additional cost based on waiting list preferences, but this is only necessary if the buyer chooses to participate in AKC events or programs. When puppies will be used for breeding purposes, the breeder may grant full AKC registration for an additional cost.

The buyer assumes full responsibility for the puppy’s health, training, temperament, and appearance upon possession. Under no circumstances is the breeder held responsible for the puppy’s health (other than contractually agreed) or behavior once the puppy leaves the breeder’s property.

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price is required to claim buying rights to a puppy. This deposit is used towards the purchase price of the puppy of course.

Full payment of the price agreed at time of deposit is due on or before the day the buyer takes possession of the puppy. When your chosen puppy is eight weeks old, you have five days to pay the remaining balance and pick up your puppy.
Each puppy as of January 1, 2020 are being sold at a base price of $950.

Additional fees or charges may be added to the base puppy price according to current market demand for certain coats, colors, sex, or size (e.g. Isabella and Tan male smooth hair).

Payment methods include cash, check, or money order.* Checks and money orders must be verified PRIOR to taking possession of the puppy. Buyer is responsible for any returned check fees.
*All checks and money orders are to be made out to: Tambi Faust
*Payments through Venmo (venmo name is @Tambi-Faust) and payments through PayPal can be sent to: 

Waiting list position is guaranteed by date payment is received, and breeder has first rights to any or all puppies in a litter. Seller has right to refuse sale at any time for any reason until all requirements of the final sales contract are met.

Price subject to change without notice. Price is guaranteed upon receipt of paid deposit.